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' I've lived several lives in my life. I have been involved in conservative restoration, artistic ceramics, interior

decoration, and more. But my most intimate passion has always been and still is her:

painting. Nothing, like painting, wakes me up and heals me '



Antonio Patania was born in San Giovanni La Punta, in the province of Catania, on 05 / 09 / 1960. Son of Tommaso Patania, founder in 1972 of the Sicilsouvenirs company, one of the most recognized on the island for the production of puppets and souvenirs Brother of Sebastiano Patania, who until his recent death carried on the production of puppets and hand-decorated artefacts inspired by the Sicilian tradition,
which led him to collaborate with the high fashion house Dolce and Gabbana. Since childhood, Antonio shows a marked talent for artistic disciplines, in particular artistic drawing, which makes him conquer the podium in various local and national competitions. He graduated Master of Art in 1985 at the Art Institute of Giarre and works in various artistic fields: from the production of Pupi to
the pictorial and conservative restoration, up to the architectural, decorative and artistic ceramics for interiors and exteriors. mo, it was always painting, in particular the figurative style, that led him to experiment with different techniques. The first studies investigated the loss of the female soul in the gaze, exposing the face as if it were an inanimate object. The faces of the models are transformed into decorative objects, of a perfect beauty, but empty, without a soul. Today the research intertwines past and present, re-emerges the topicality of the mythological enigma and the folklore of the Sicilian tradition, with its baroque decorations and bright colors. The gaze hides and reveals, the armor yields to a new awareness.