Studio d'arte Patania



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Artistic practice
As a support I prefer canvas, but I also love cardboard 600 gram cotton. All my paintings are oil paintings, then, depending on the type of support, I apply with different techniques oxides or colored earths, with wax masking. Sometimes I use the Gold Leaf, a technique that I master thanks to my experience of restoration and gilding. Waxes, friezes, glazes, spatulatings obscure the naked reality, like a sort of “velo di Maya ”.

Artistic influences
I grew up among the Paladins, the epic rap heroes presented in the traditional Sicilian puppet theater. When I was a child, in the darkness I saw them move, I heard them talking to each other, I imagined they had a life parallel to ours. The paintings of this genre exalt the epicity of everyday life: each of us wears a breastplate to protect ourselves and we all hold a sword to strike the others. We also need the helmet to ignore everything that is not part of our little court. The Paladins represent the
hero within us and at the same time the fortress that protects our heart.My first teacher was the painter Natale Napoli, who painted the sets for the Teatro dei Pupi. The influences of the neo-realist painter Renato Guttuso are also evident, with his incisive stroke and the use of contrasting colors.


I draw inspiration from human figures, especially of the female gender, by putting their faces in the foreground. In reality, in every face I try to capture my expression, my state of mind. The story is mine when I am I identify in the gaze of the subject to the point of being moved. I can't paint a face that doesn't upset my stomach, that doesn't reflect a face of my soul.